Discovery Flights

A powered parachute Discovery Flight is the best way to experience the excitement of flying in a powered parachute. You will fly with one of our Certified Flight Instructors who will take you on your aviation adventure. You’ll discover a new form of flight while taking in the scenery from a perspective most have never experienced. Your experience is more than just a flight, it is your first training flight in a light sport powered parachute. Your time in the powered parachute counts toward your flight training if you choose to become a powered parachute pilot. You will receive an official certificate that logs your flight time with a powered parachute Certified Flight Instructor.

Your safety is our primary concern. We are highly weather dependent and have to reschedule flights often. We fly early morning or late afternoon, any day of the week, weather depending. Flights are conducted from numerous airports in the Birmingham, Alabama area including Bessemer Airport, Shelby County Airport and Sylacauga Airport.

Discovery Flights are $300 and last about an hour. We can take one passenger per flight. Contact us at 205-567-9800 for more information or to schedule your flight. You can also purchase Air Adventure Powered Parachute Discovery Flight Gift Certificates!