Air Adventure Powered Parachutes is your source for Light Sport Powered Parachute discovery flights, pilot flight training and powered parachute sales in the Birmingham, Alabama and surrounding areas. Air Adventure is the only Powered Parachute Flight School in Alabama.

Anil Andrew Jacob, CFI – Chief Pilot
FAA Certified Commercial Pilot
Certified Flight Instructor

Anil is Chief Pilot for Air Adventure Powered Parachutes and has been flying aircraft for over 30 years. He is a FAA Certified Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Anil has logged over a thousand hours in airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons and powered parachutes. He is the only Certified Flight Instructor for Light Sport Powered Parachutes in Alabama. Anil is also a flight instructor for hot air balloons.

Powrachute Pegasus Powered Parachue (top)
Firefly Hot Air Balloon (left)
Bell Jetranger Helicopter (above)
Glasair III Airplane (below)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Discovery Flight?
A Discovery Flight is an introductory flight in a powered parachute with a Certified Flight Instructor. The flight time counts toward your pilot certificate. No previous training or experience is required and your pilot/flight instructor is in control of the aircraft the entire flight.

Do you need a license to fly a powered parachute?
A FAA pilot certificate is required to operate a light sport powered parachute. A pilot must also be a Certified Flight Instructor to conduct flights or flight training for hire.

What kind of training do your pilots have?
Powered parachute pilots are certified by the FAA which has mandated flight training in order to be able to operate a powered parachute and take passengers for a flight. Our pilots are certified by the FAA to operate light sport powered parachutes and are also Certified Flight Instructors.

How fast do powered parachutes fly?
Powered parachutes generally fly at a constant speed of about 32-34 mph.

How high can you fly in a powered parachute?
Regulations allow powered parachutes to fly up to 10,000 feet and even 18,000 feet in some cases. Our flights generally do not exceed 1,500 to 2,000 feet above the ground. Within certain minimums, flying at lower altitudes are preferred to view and enjoy the scenery.

How do you control a powered parachute?
The main flight controls are the throttle and two steering lines that are generally controlled by the feet. Adding power causes the powered parachute to climb and reducing power causes it to descend. Steering is controlled by pushing a foot lever to turn. Pushing with the right foot makes a right turn and pushing with the left foot makes a left turn. Powered parachutes are virtually stall resistant, adding to the ease of operation and stability.

When do you fly?
It is preferable to fly powered parachutes in calmer wind. While they can fly in winds of 10-15mph, we generally fly in winds of 10mph or less with passengers. For this reason most powered parachute flights are early morning or late afternoon when the winds are calmer. Flights are offered any day of the week, weather depending.

How long is the flight?
Powered parachutes can fly for up to 3-4 hours. We offer flights in half hour increments up to two hours.

How much does it cost to fly?
Our flights are $195 for a half hour and $295 for an hour. Considering the local skydiving operation charges $179 for a jump which is about 5-6 minutes of parachute time, we consider our 30 minute flights a bargain at $195.

How many people can fly at one time?
Light sport powered parachutes are two seat aircraft allowing for the pilot and one passenger.

Where can I fly in a powered parachute?
Air Adventure Powered Parachutes in the Birmingham, Alabama area is the only powered parachute flight school in Alabama. For a Discovery Flight call (205) 567-9800 or email info@airadventure.net.

Are powered parachutes safe?
Powered parachutes are one of the safest aircraft you can fly. A parachute was designed as a safety device when all else fails. Our parachute is fully deployed before we leave the ground and the rectangular parachutes we fly are extremely stable. Powered parachutes are virtually stall resistant and roll resistant. The parachute will continue to fly even if the engine quits. There are risks with any sport but your safety is our number one concern.

Why are powered parachutes so popular?
Because they are so much fun! Flying low and slow in an open cockpit is the one of the purest and most enjoyable forms of flight. Powered parachutes do not require a hangar or an airport and are among the most economical powered aircraft to own and operate. The simplicity of the flight controls also makes them less challenging to learn to fly than most other aircraft.

How much weight can you carry?
Light sport powered parachutes are designed to carry two adults. For safety, we have a current weight limit of 200lbs for our passenger. We plan to add an additional aircraft soon which will allow us to take passengers up to 300lbs.

Where can I buy a powered parachute?
Air Adventure Powered Parachutes is a Dealer for Powrachute World-Class Powered Parachutes, the industry leader. In addition to discovery flights and flight training, we also sell light sport powered parachutes and accessories.

Where can I learn to fly a powered parachute?
In the Birmingham, Alabama area. Air Adventure Powered Parachutes is a flight school for light sport powered parachutes and the only powered parachute flight school in Alabama. We can also train you at your location for an additional fee.

Where do you fly from?
Our flights are made from airports and private property where we have permission. We regularly fly from Shelby County Airport (KEET), Bessemer Airport (KEKY) and Sylacauga Airport (KSCD) in Alabama. As certified/registered aircraft, light sport powered parachutes are allowed to fly from public airports.